Innovative business model
In the main scenic spots in the country, we set up a brigade and direct sales base, from the factory-direct store-consumer, cancel all intermediate links, and let all the benefits to consumers. To be a ganoderma product that ordinary people can afford. Serving millions of middle-aged and older tourists. Relying on the base, the Internet + provides efficient and high-quality services for hundreds of thousands of members.
Xi'an base
Yuntaishan base
Huangshan base
Wuyuan base
Wuyishan base
Xiamen base
Chaozhou base
North Sea Base
Guilin base
Fujian happy Bioogocal Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 11, Dongjiao East Road, Shuangxi Town, Shunchang County, Nanping City, Fujian Province
Zip code: 353200
Contact number: 0599-7828808           400-0599-586
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